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Have you ever wished you could transfer money to another financial institution without writing a check and driving all over the city? Cornhusker Bank has a solution, providing you the ability to use online external transfers. This feature will allow you to transfer to other financial institutions through online banking. Simply log into your online banking account and select the external transfer tab at the top of the page to get started.

Transfer Now will empower you to move money to or from any account you own at Cornhusker Bank to and from accounts at other financial institutions. Features of the new product include the ability to establish one time transfers up to a year in advance from the scheduled transfer date and to schedule recurring transfers. You can even make your Cornhusker bank loan payment with Transfer Now. External transfer fees will be disclosed in product information. You may also consult a banker for information on external fees.


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For more information regarding Cornhusker Bank’s online services, please call 402-434-2265 during normal banking hours.


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