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Why Cornhusker.Bank?

Out with the old (.com) and in with the new (.bank) because it’s verified and even more secure.

Effective 5/28/24, Cornhusker Bank’s web and email addresses will change from to Cornhusker.Bank.

What is .Bank?

.Bank is a gated domain, similar to .gov or .edu, but for verified banks. Replacing .com, which can be purchased by anyone, with .Bank which quickly verifies that the website is authentically from​ our bank, you can interact with confidence when you see the .Bank at the end of our website URL.

How .Bank helps.

  • This domain is only for banks. It prevents bad actors from obtaining lookalike domains making it easy for anyone to immediately identify bank emails and websites simply by looking at the web address.
  • Banks must meet additional security measurements to use this site, so there’s even more protection for you in place than on a traditional .com site.
  • The new URL further separates banks from non-banks selling bank-like products.
  • This provides robust security and meets strict verification requirements that will reduce the risk of cyber threats and enable us to build a high-trust, more secure environment for our customers.

How is .Bank more secure?

All banks are verified and authenticated by fTLD, the .Bank administrator, prior to registering their .Bank domain and re-verified annually thereafter. This ensures everyone using a .Bank domain is an eligible organization. Hackers and bad actors can’t get a .Bank domain to create lookalike domains for phishing and spoofing, as they can with .com and other publicly available domains.

What needs to be done differently with .Bank?

Our website URL and email addresses will end in .Bank effective 5/28/2024. From then on, before interacting with our site, and before you enter your username and password on our website, simply look for the .Bank to authenticate the website is ours. Our website will redirect to our new Cornhusker.Bank site. Please be sure to update your bookmark for our .Bank site.

Email Address Change

With this change, our email addresses will also change to .Bank. Feel free to keep using the contact information you already have - it will continue to work - but we recommend updating your address book with our new email address for consistency moving forward.

Got Questions? We're here.

If you have questions, please contact our Customer Engagement Center at 402-434-2265.

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